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Ashleigh, our Tutor


I  did some art at school, but that was years ago,  will this be right for me?

If you're keen to learn, we start at the beginning with drawing skills and build on that for the painting lessons, so  you're in the right place with a Foundation course at Seasons Art.

How many people are in the class?

16, tops. Which means we have room, time for each student and a lovely social atmosphere.

Who is the Tutor?

Ashleigh Blake (seen here)  is a qualified art tutor who teaches the Seasons Curriculum for us at Kohimarama

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In class

What age and mix are in your classes - will I feel included?

We cater to adults of all ages, and typically,  because of our weekday class times,  suit retired, semi-retired, work from home or those able to glide their time... usual ages attending are 30 - 85 

Do you do Weekends or Evenings or Mondays?

No, as I hire the tennis club venues in their least used times and too many students miss classes with holidays, family commitments etc over weekends and long weekends.  

What happens if I miss a week/ class?  

You get all the curriculum notes for the missed week, and your tutor may try to catch you up the following week.  

I sometimes struggle to think of what to paint, is that a problem?

Seasons' curriculum is structured so you learn specific art techniques each week, and in every class images of animals, birds, landscapes, people and still life objects are provided and  as the course progresses you get more choice of images, including your own if you prefer.  Inspiration is sparked by fresh weekly topics and techniques, as well as learning in a group setting.  Much more fun!

What happens with unforseen date changes during the course?

We pause  if the Tutor is unwell or any other unavoidable/ unforeseeable matter outside our control.  

No refund applies to non attendance owing to having to change or stretch the  dates  the course will be on , however you will always receive all of the course curriculum .  Some virtual classes may be offered to foundation class participants where available. And every reasonable offer to attend the dates missed at a later course will be extended.

What is included in the course?

Every week you get 3 hours of art tuition and learning by doing,

all the art materials you need are provided, and colourful quality notes with techniques and guidance,

so there's nothing you need to do.. but show up. :-)

Do you offer short courses in just one medium or style ?

Not presently. Our course is designed to teach core art skills in a careful sequence to get artists started with the right techniques and understanding using a range of media. 

How much is it?

$693 includes everything.

Can be paid as $84 deposit and $49 per week x 14 but that does add up to about 10% more.

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